Picture of Faux Stained Glass Windows
easy to do, easy to remove! how can you go wrong with these 'stained glass' windows?

Step 1:

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gather the supplies:

Windex, paper towels, acrylic paints in the desired colors, skinny masking tape and a sponge brush. you'll also need a bowl to put your paint into.
camatteo1 year ago

I'm thinking of trying this on clear laminate cut into inserts to cling to the windows of my classroom. That way I won't catch heat for damaging the building, and I can remove them. Alternately, I'm thinking of printing onto transparancy stock...

artquilter5 years ago
There is 1/4" masking tape if you wanted a narrower line between.  It's sold at art supply and quilting shops.
cloner5 years ago
love it! al experiment with my aquarium! :)

can this kind of paint be removed? how?
like what if u found a new cool design and u'd like to change it.

how long does d paint last til it fades in color?


susanfromhauntspace (author)  cloner5 years ago
thanks for the comment. it can be removed very easily. i simply spray a little Windex on it and use a razorblade. it peels right off in long strips. the red and green was the 2nd color i've done my windows, they were green and orange before that (for Halloween a year or so ago)
about fading...it depends on the amount of sun the window gets. the ones on the south and west of my house fade in around 6 months, the others fade more slowly.

not bad! i hope i can find windex here! :) tnx
drawe21 cloner5 years ago
I'm sure any glass cleaner would work fine.
MaxineLaRue6 years ago
I love this! I make real stained glass but can't find the time to make panels for all the windows I want to in my house. I'm going to do this on one of them, it looks like so much fun! Thanks for the idea. :)
ChrysN6 years ago
That looks really cool, are you using regular acrylic craft paint, or do you need something special for glass?
susanfromhauntspace (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
thanks! it's just plain old acrylic craft paint!
Joe Martin6 years ago
That's a very good effect, On you first picture it almost appears the the glass is bevelled in the gaps in between the colours. 5*
susanfromhauntspace (author)  Joe Martin6 years ago
thank you!