Easy soap packaging idea that makes for a great gift!

Step 1: Materials

(a)Soap: I used a Melt & Pour Soap Base which some may think is cheating, but I think it's fantastic. It's incredibly easy - you just cut up the block of soap and melt it in the microwave (or if you are like me and don't have a microwave, use a double-boiler) and add in whatever ingredients you want.
I used Earl Greyer Tea which has more bergamot than usual. Then just pour it into a mold or pan and let it set. After a few hours mine was set and I cut it into rectangles about 1" x 2". These are small (think hotel soap) and I was able to get eight soaps from a 1 lb. block, plus scraps that I can melt down into another one or two. You can see an instructable on melt & pour soap here.
(b)Tags: You can create your own tags, or download mine here. Just cut them out, fold them in half, and snip little notches in the corners (see photos). [A note about the tags: Feel free to print out these tags for your personal, non-commercial use. Please do not redistribute in any way.]
(c)White tissue paper: Pieces cut to approximately 6" x 9", one per soap.

You can buy everything you need for this project HERE.
<p>I saw this on Pinterest and pinned it of course! I think these are great and actually made some awhile back for my Earl Gray tea scented soaps for a little gift shop in town. :)</p>
I'm curious... do you steep your tea before adding it to the glycerin base or add it loose?<br />
Thanks for this project! I volunteer doing crafts at a women's center and we found a bag full of small lavender soaps - we're making these this morning! Yay! the perfect last minute gift for the ladies to make for their friends and families :)<br />
Wonderful! I'll be posting this on my blog for Tatting Tea Tuesday" - just the photos and link back to here.!
You said "Teabag"
I also added this to a bunch of groups. Don't be surprised if CRAFTblog picks this up.
LURV. And favorited. Remind me in December that I'm going to make a bunch of these. . . ok? thanks.
That is adorable! Perfect for tying on packages too. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.
I looked up tea-bag-paper. The obvious solution, of course, coffee filters. There some rectangle types-not so much waste cutting to size. I actually make my own soap and I have been looking for ideas on how to package. I love your idea!
Sorry for the confusion, I meant for this to be just packaging - not for use in the tub. I just used gift-wrapping tissue paper. If you wanted to have something that could get wet, I would recommend making a little bag out of mesh or silk (maybe reuseable).
Cheese cloth would work great for this me thinks.
Cucumbersome, that makes a lot of sense. I guess we all got a bunch of ideas from yours. It is a great packaging idea! I thought again about how we we're all adding ideas about using the 'wrapping' -in-the-water...well, they used to call it soap on a rope. So I was digging around in some boxes and I found cheese cloth and some mice white rope. I know I have tissue paper too. I could do it all. Da-Da Da
That's really cool. Do you mind if I borrow this idea for packaging my own soap for sale?
Of course, I don't own the idea. :) The tags, however, are not for commercial use. I would love to see what you come up with. I thought it would be really great to package 6 or so of the soaps up in a little box and brand that. Fun!
Brilliant. This can also save those unsitely soapexperiments that works but looks like crud.
Does any one know why already done soap (what we use in our day to day life) does not melt in microwave? Actually it foams up in microwave!!!Why?
fantastic idea! do you have any easy and cheap recipes for soap? where i live,glycerine is very expensive...xx
Soap can be made without the glycerin . . .just use some form of fat and lye (proportions and instructions are all over the net and a few are here on instructables too) and you've got a very basic soap with no funky chemicals. I made a few soaps for my mom on her birthday and used household lye and veggie oil with a little bit of crayon for color and essential oil for scent.
WOW! Well done. Simple, but wow.
I feel kind of stupid for not thinking of this myself. I love it! I now know what I'm going to do for holiday gifts this year - thanks!
wow this is cool......imagine if a hotel used ur idea....and people though.."OOh free tea.....yumm".....a few sips and then they would read the label PROPERLY....:)
The tissue paper being used is the type you put inside gift bags. I dont think its meant to be used IN the tub, but as an alternative to plastic bag or whatever packaging. So I am sure you take the soap out of the bag for use. Anyways, very nice concept. I love it!
Should name it Bubble-Bags ! love the looks and so simple
Excellent work and fantastic idea!!! One quick question- is this the same kind of tissue paper that a person would use on their face or, um, in the bathroom? I know that sounds silly. I would just like to make this for the wife...but the tub gets clogged very easily! Put another way, is there a type of paper that can stand up to long, hot soaks? Thanks for the upload and I look forward to your reply!
What a cool packaging idea!
That is such a cute idea. Great documentation, too! :D

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