Step 4: Painting

I used white acrylic paint to cover my horse.  You will probably need to do a few coats.

Next steps: the unicorn horn, hooves, flocking powder, and fur!
Stay tuned!
<p>Any update? It looks great so far!</p>
This looks really good, I can't wait to see the next steps!
I thought it was really cool to come across this! I am currently working on a taxidermy unicorn myself and thought to look around for tips and such. Thanks again! Can I ask where you purchased those awesome fawn eyes? What size are they? My form hasn't come yet. Mine will be standing but is also a fawn like yours. Have you finished this piece? Would love to see more of it! <br>Thank you again! <br>Megan
Good idea. Looks good. I'll be back for this one.
looking forward to more
Thanks. I'll finish him as soon as possible!

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