I have always loved how cute union suits are on little people so when I found this striped fabric, I knew that I had to give it a try. Thank goodness I did because this might have been my favorite project yet! It helps that my boys like them as much as I do! In fact, my middle son  was so taken by his pair that he refused to take them off. As much as I hated hearing him tantrum, I can't say that my ego wasn't stroked a little. :) 

Step 1:

I was lucky enough to have a couple knit footed pajamas around the house already to use as a basic pattern. If you have a snug fitting pair already, just turn it inside out and place on your fabric and cut out your pattern pieces. The size that I didn't have around, I used a top and bottom set and measured the torso length to make sure it would fit the same.
After cutting out your pieces, they will look like this:
is there a way to get this partern for an adult man???
These are amazing. A very thorough tutorial too! :D
So very adorable with that little flap on the back. Excellent idea to add it on!

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