Hi, I'm Mr. Muggle and I would like to make a selection of the favorite knex guns of 2009

I have made a selection already of guns that reached above 4*. I'm not sure if I added all of them so tell me If I forgot one. I would like to ask you to give Three votes for your Three favorite guns, They may be your own but they must be three different guns: Not three votes for the same gun.
I will not add guns: Of 2008 or earlier, of Knex Innovation or other sites or weapons that have no instructable.

here's the list in order of highest rate to lower: Please vote on three of these:
1: Knex dual turret assault bow
2: The FreeKiller Repeating Crossbow
3: Knexfreek Hell Slayer
4: Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle
5: WW2 Springfield
6: (T.B.A.P) Thunder Bolt Assault Pistol
7: TR18
8: Knex Freek Semi Auto ( K.F.S.A )
9: VSS Vintorez
10: SRv2
11: The Logic Bow
12: T.B.A.R (Thunder Bolt Assault Rifle)
13: Knex Mag Fed Shotgun Thought up by Oblivitus
14: Knex UMP-45
15: Lever Action Winchester Replica
16: Knex Striker Pistol
17: Knex sniper rifle M110
18: Customizable DragonflY Assault Crossbow
19: The FSSG part 4 of Project FireStorm the FireStorm Shot Gun
If you want to add a gun just ask my permission


ova 2 years. about time someone commented after the huge gap XD good guns that i must make each of sometime.
tha ww2 springfield looks real good job
what isn't the ZKAR (zaks knex assault rifle) on there. I've just built it and its an awesome gun.
I like the D-TAB,WW2springfield,TR-18,SR-V2,The Logic Bow,M110,Striker Pistol,and last but not least,the TBAP. :)<br />
&nbsp;i vote fot the UMP .45 and the M110<br /> <br /> but, where it dutchhwarlord's TAR-21 and Barrax's ACR????????<br />
election is closed<br />
ump, v.s.s. vintorez and the m110 are my personal choices of weapon
thank you!<br />
I like the H-slayer, the Logic bow, and the TBAP.<br />
thanks<br />
I like dual turret assualt bow, Z35, and (maybe i'm gonna built this today) the H-Slayer
thanks!<br />
Actually I like the dual turret assualt bow, striker pistol, and H- Slayer lolz<br />
ok, I'll change it<br />
Maybe you should add the Heavy Cannon or the Inferno (The Inferno is on KI)<br />
If anyone votes for it I'll add it<br />
Kk. *breathes in air to shout the following*&nbsp;&quot;EVERYONE&nbsp;VOTE&nbsp;FOR&nbsp;THE&nbsp;HEAVY&nbsp;CANNON&nbsp;OR&nbsp;INFERNO!&quot;&nbsp;Joking<br />
Don't limit us to just those guns. And some are not from 2009. And some of my top 3 isn't there. And a lot of really good guns have a low rating, why restrict to the highest rated? Take note from what DJ said and do what oblivitus did.<br />
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Your-favorite-knex-weapons-of-2009/" rel="nofollow">*attention*</a><br />
Yeah I saw your comment, but it didn't work. We must&nbsp;UNITE!<br /> <br /> BTW has Eminem re-released the eminem show or something, or just nostalgia? lol<br />
No, I just like the eminem show. &nbsp;It's not re-released.<br />
Curtain Call was best :P<br />
Curtain Call was basically a collection of what Eminem thought was his best songs, plus 2 or 3 new tracks.<br />
Well out of the 'proper' albums it's probably either Eminem Show (snap!) or The Marshall Mathers LP.<br /> Best Eminem Show song is &quot;When the music stops&quot; or &quot;Say goodbye Hollywood&quot;
I think the best eminem show song is &quot;Till I collapse&quot;.<br />
Yeah that's prolly 3rd for me<br />
I know. I thought that it was good, because it was &quot;The best of&quot;<br />
Gd gd<br />
Some guns are not of 2009&nbsp; but the instructables were so I counted them, But you're actually right, which gun would you like to add?<br />
Uhh, well I guess the FSSG was a good one, I think some people would vote. The point I was trying to make though was that people should be able to vote for whatever gun they want, not restricted to that list.<br />
vote??<br />
Mepain's ZKAR<br /> or if you want one that had instructions:<br /> ZKAR v2<br />
ok, thanks, two other guns?<br />
Actually scratch that:<br /> SRv2<br /> TR18<br /> Dutchwarlords New M4 carbine<br />
thanks<br />
Ok, I edited, I also put on the FSSG<br />
&nbsp;I like the TR18, K.F.S.A., and Z-35.
thanks!!<br />
i want to vote for the hellslayer, customizable dragonfly assault rifle, and the freekiller :)
thanks<br />
no problem, and thanks for my 1300th comment!!!
of course kNeXFreek comes in :P<br /> Just kidding :P<br /> :P<br /> *sticks tongue out for more &quot;effect&quot;*
&nbsp;:P<br /> <br /> :D<br />
Z35<br /> Mag Fed Shotgun<br /> TR-18
thanks <br />
Why not just let people vote for whatever gun they want, like obivitus did.&nbsp;&nbsp;There are guns on KI&nbsp;and ibles that I made and liked.<br /> <br /> This list is rather restrictive and some of the guns on there are outdated.&nbsp; (no offense). &nbsp;Also selecting guns by rating is stupid.&nbsp; Screw ratings.<br />
that's exactly what I did<br />
No, I&nbsp;mean let them vote for ANY&nbsp;gun, and not restrict them to a list.<br />
Yeah I know, I edited it, you can now add any gun you want to vote for<br />

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