Introduction: Favourite Lighter Forever Hack

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Keep your favourite lighter graphics to re-use after the lighter is empty.
Materials Needed:
1- Graphic BIC Lighter (empty)
1- Normal BIC Lighter (full)
1- Knife/blade

Step 1: Make Cuts

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Use a sharp knife to cut a straight line around the circumference of the lighter (not too deep, just enough to cut through the plastic graphic sleeve) as close to the bottom/top of the lighter as possible.
TIP: Hold the blade still and rotate the lighter along the blade for a more straight cut.

Step 2: Remove Sleeve

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Make sure to slide the graphic sleeve UPWARDS off of the lighter.
NOTE: The direction is important because of a slight taper in the BIC lighter design and you do not want to stretch the sleeve

Step 3: Re-install Graphic Sleeve

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Now, take a new lighter and slide the graphic sleeve from the TOP of the lighter DOWNWARDS. Importance of direction covered in Step 2.
TIP: If the sleeve gets stretched or becomes loose on the new lighter, simply leave the warning sticker on a newly purchased lighter and it should hold.


n01z (author)2014-01-26

Actually, there is an instructable on how to refill a BIC lighter.. It's slightly more complicated than this but still cool.

n01z (author)n01z2014-01-26

gsaxon (author)2014-01-26

DISPOSABLE Bic lighters are NOT refillable.

jstnbeeks (author)2014-01-25

U could just reffill the butane

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