Feast Helm Facial in Brass


Introduction: Feast Helm Facial in Brass

Made from brass "door kickplate". Full size mock-up was done in posterboard, then cut out and transferred to brass with a big nail. (scratched)  To cut the pieces out I carefully drilled many small holes all the way around the outline of each piece, (!) 'till I could break the pieces off by hand, (that's a lot of holes. to drill.) then cleaned each piece up better on a grinding wheel (don't do this! dangerous).  After that I used a hand grinder and small files to finish right up to my lines.  I then attached the pieces to the helm with rivets.  I used the big nail to scratch some subtle decorative borders.
   I made this  B.I.. (Before Internet), so those little bits of information will be more than I had to start with.  My friend wanted something in brass on this helmet, eyebrows, cheeks, and such.  I had an idea and a piece of metal. For more information than I could even, search Armour making.

If you can dream it, you can make it! Just be extremely careful when working with nifty high RPM tools.



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    Very nice! And intimidating**!

    ** Especially the helmet's potential of tearing up the wearer's nose/nostrils is going to ensure it will only be worn by very brave or bloodthirsty warriors. (If they don't care about who's blood it is they taste...)

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    Thank you! Yes, this helm was only worn at feasts, really just decorative. Lots of pointy bits.

    almost lost my finger in a grinder about a month ago, i escaped with a nasty scar and only minor permanent nerve damage

    on a side note: there was a time before the Internet? XD

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    Dude, sorry to hear it. Were you building armor? Yeah, when i was a kid there was only three channels on tv, they all went off the air at midnight, and the flavor vanilla hadn't been invented!

    Was removing a misplaced weld on a small workpiece =/

    The thought makes me wince. I'm glad you're still ten fingered.