Feather Bracelet




Introduction: Feather Bracelet

So I had this earrings for a long time and I decided to give them a makeover!
Hope you enjoy:))

Step 1: You Will Need...


-sheer fabric

-glue(or lighter)
-jump rings

-feather shaped jewelry
(I used earrings)

Step 2: Marking

Using the chalk draw lines and cut them.Mine was at the length of my wrist and 3 cm wide.

Step 3: Cut Cut Cut

I cut the fabric and to prevent it from ripping I glued the edges.(glue turns clear when its dry)
Another option is to burn the edges.

Step 4: Ends

Close up the ends using the pliers.

Step 5: Adding the Feather

I used 3 jumprings and attached the feathers to the one in middle.

Step 6: Done..

attach jumprings to the end and you are done!!
Hope you enjoyed this simple and easy diy ^v^



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