Introduction: Feather Cat Toy

Picture of Feather Cat Toy

Time: 10 minutes


3 pieces of scrap fabric

sewing machine

5-6 feathers


Step 1: Braid & Sew

Picture of Braid & Sew

1. Cut the fabric about 6 inches in length.

2. Place the 3 pieces of fabric on top of each other. Pin and sew across the top of the fabric.

3. Braid the fabric and pin.

4. Sew the bottom pieces of fabric together.

Step 2: Feathers

Picture of Feathers

5. Add the feathers by inserting them into the bottom of the fabric and sew across a few times to secure them.

6. Tie a Ribbon to the top of the toy.

7. Find your cat and let the fun begin!

***This instructables was done by my ten year old daughter, Ella. She started making these cat toys a few years ago to help her learn how to sew and use the machine. :)


Vyger (author)2015-03-25

Hey, I have one of those. (the bulls eye tabby, not the feather toy)

Vyger (author)Vyger2015-03-25

Found another one. (picture, that is)

Jennprice33 (author)Vyger2015-03-25

Awe! I didn't know that's what she was! We got her at the pound four years ago. It's my daughter's cat, Maggie.

Vyger (author)Jennprice332015-03-26

We looked it up a while ago because we were curious to see how common a pattern it is. We learned that there are several patterns that tabby cats have and they can occur in both the black and white or the orange yellow colors. The bulls eye pattern is called that because they have a circle on their side that looks like a target. It can be just faint and broken up or very pronounced and clear. Homer is probably the best example of it that we have. It is a more uncommon pattern but not rare as it does show up sometimes. By the way, Homers story is written up in an instructable.

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