Introduction: Feather Charm Keyring

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This was made as a mini return gift for a girl's birthday return gift.

Step 1: Materials

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Head Pin

Eye pin

Glass bead

Metal spacer beads

Crimpable endings

Key ring holder

Small Jump ring

Colored feather

Acrylic butterfly bead

Step 2: Make the Parts

Picture of Make the Parts

Cut the feather to size and connect it to the crimpable ending.

Add the spacer beads and the glass bead to the eye pin and close with a loop

Add the acrylic butterfly bead to the head pin and close with a loop

Assemble everything with the small jump ring and then to the key ring.

And you are done!

Make 30 of these (optional)

Step 3: Use It

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Wear it as a charm or use it as a key holder.


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