Introduction: Feather Earrings:

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Possibly the simplest thing you will  ever make!

Step 1: You Will Need:

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-4 feathers 
-2 ear hooks
-2 small jump rings
-2 box closer
all are easy to find in craft shops and bead shops 

Step 2: Step 1:

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simply close the box closer round 2 feathers using a pair of pliers

Step 3: Step 2:

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now it is time to connect the earring to the ear hook using a jump ring.To do this use 2 pairs of pliers to break the ring apart then insert both the earring and the ear hook then close the ring again using the pliers. 

Step 4: Finished

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AkkuY (author)2015-11-01
Check this out for a better tutorial

teddybear101 (author)2012-02-03

Very pretty. I love the two feather colors together :)

andrewcaseley (author)2011-11-15

the links dont appear to work and on your website you have spelled jewellery wrong , love the earrings tho

jewelzyboo (author)andrewcaseley2012-01-05

its pliers she spelled wrong

jewelzyboo (author)andrewcaseley2012-01-05

its jewelry..

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2011-11-13

Very cute!

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