Introduction: Feather Gel Pen

I found this goose feather near a pond and decided to try and make a pen with it.I dident want to have to buy ink or have to dip it in ink to write,so I decided to make a more modern version.

Step 1: Materials

You will need a pen,feather,and a small screwdriver that can fit in the end of the feather.

Step 2: Modifying Your Feather

Take your screwdriver and force it into the end of the feather.Use the screwdriver to bore out all the stuff inside to make the feather hollow.

Step 3: Taking Apart Your Pen

I used a gel pen that I got from the dollar store.Your free to use whatever pen you like.Take the pen apart and keep the tube of ink.

Step 4: Inserting the Pen

Put the ink tube from your pen in the hole you made with the screwdriver.Your now done,happy writing


shaddoty (author)2014-09-04

You can also add electrical tape at the end to prevent the fraying of the feather

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