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Introduction: Feather Stick for Cats

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I bought a feather stick for my kitty Enya. She destroyed it in 2 weeks. There were feathers everywhere except on the stick, so I decided to fix it in a way that would be equally funny for Enya but stronger.

Step 1:

Using the old stick (or a new stick) take away all the previous feather, glue, tape, ect.

Step 2:

Using scraps cut feather shapes. I used different types of fabric and a plastic sheet.

Step 3:

With hot glue, secure the pieces tothe stick.

Play with your cat :) Simple, isn't it?



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    Great idea!! I think I will have to make one too because all the toys I gave to Remì got destroyed! :D

    This is genius! My horde kill these things

    1 reply

    Looks like it'll work great, and last SO much longer than the ones in the store! Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Yes, the new one is lasting more then one month! ;D

    Yes, she is ;) And to tell you the truth she's not photogenic, she's more beautiful in real life ;)