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It is a simple project, perfect for children, so little skill is required. Years ago, I created an interesting and much prized Christmas Tree ornament I believe you to will enjoy for years. This will be the 18th year our nesting bird has adorned our tree, it’s survived 3 moves and 4 trees, and still brings enjoyment annually when the tree gets dressed to all who find it. What decorated tree is complete without a bird or few?

Step 1: Step 1 - You Will Need

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You will need only two items beyond your imagination. 
For this project you will need a bird nest and a feathered craft bird
A used bird nest can be found abandoned in many small trees once the leaves fall, often they can be found in eves and hedges as well. Make sure it is too late in the season to be required by birds. Most birds make new nests each year to have their young then abandon the nest, although some birds will use previously made nests. Please don’t take the last one from an area; you would not want  to discourage birds from breading nearby.  Best location is to find an area that is being developed for road widening, commercial use or new subdivision, as trees etc will all be removed anyway. 
The bird or birds can usually be found in craft shops and dollar stores. Choose the bird to match the nest, small nest small bird etc. The bird I use made of red, white and dark green feathers to reflect the seasonal colours.

Step 2: Step 2 - Hanging the Ornament

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Find  a study enough branch forks that can easily support the weight the nest. Front and center will display your creation best. Sit back and enjoy as others discover the nesting bird.


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