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Designed for commuters and travelers, this fender will help you and your followers to stay clean on the road. There is actually no many product on the market that fits great with bike racks. The one I create take advantage of the bike luggage rack. Using a simple folding trick that I've learn doing some packaging, you can make a light, strong and effective rear mudguard !

Step 1: Stuff you'll need

Picture of Stuff you'll need
  • Plastic sheet, I bought 2 chopping mats at the dollar store for 1.50 $ and that's the biggest expend of the project. It looks like PETG but I'm still not sure about this. The important thing to look for is the ability of folding the plastic without breaking it (polymer toughness). I was looking for a black plastic but I still didn't find anything available in small quantity in stores, that's why I decided to go for these transparent chopping mats.
  • Metal bracket used to attach a bike rack.
  • 2X Bolts and nuts ready to fit on a bike rack.
  • 2X Washers.
tomboyfun3 years ago
james123cb3 years ago
Excellent project.

i checked your other projects as well. I like your clean, modern designs.

They are unique, yet simple.
I look forward to your other post.
BtheBike3 years ago
great ABLE . i like that its transparent so lights can show through
macrumpton3 years ago
I wonder if you could make something similar just by cutting a 2 litre soda bottle in half and cutting off the bottom of the bottle? You would have to make the curved side face down, but that should not be a problem.
Julien Thibeault (author)  macrumpton3 years ago
I've seen some DIY bottle fender on the road. It works but it often looks awful. My main objective in designing this fender was to get a nicer look without spending much more money.
Take a drinking water bottle (vending machine size) and cut it in half lengthwise, but leave the mouth of the bottle uncut.

Jam the bottle's mouth between the stays, and you have an expedient rear fender.

I used to see riders doing this all the time when I commuted on my bike in London.

P.S. I guess you could probably do this on the front wheel as well, but that seems a bit riskier to me (bottle pops off, jams front wheel, wheeee!... over the handlebars).
Lost Moai3 years ago
I challenge you to design a matching front fender!
Julien Thibeault (author)  Lost Moai3 years ago
I'm actually thinking about designing a front fender. The biggest problem with this kind of folding trick is the control of width. Longer you want the fender to be, wider it will be. I want to build one that will protect the splash on shoes because it's a big issue for commuters. You don't want to spend a day with wet shoes !

Still looking for any neat solution. Maybe I'll work on a pedal strap / shoe protector instead !

Thanks for all your comments, I appreciate :-)
anode5053 years ago
Those cutting mats are awesome! Also consider for other projects, the cutting boards for material (the stiff kind)
TygrFr3d3 years ago
Nice idea, i'll have to make one of these for my bike
TSC3 years ago
Great job!
DanYHKim3 years ago
This is a beautiful design. The fold is elegant and functional. I am very impressed.
capricorn3 years ago
Outstanding, I used to do it with plastic bottles, but this is pure class.

Two thumbs up and thank you for sharing :)
Mimikry3 years ago
No more "Racing-Mud" on my back :)
thank you!
This is a very well written instructable.
Thanks, I love to share my project !