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Giannina Lezcano (a.k.a Giannyl) is much more than a pretty face. She has some serious DIY skills. She finds quick and easy solutions to otherwise complicated sewing projects with style and grace. Over the years she has leveraged her informative videos and viral marketing skills into a full-time career. I recently got the chance to ask her a few questions about her work and the future. This is what she had to say:

Where did you learn to sew?

At home, both of my grandmothers taught me about dressmaking and fashion. I grew up in Encarnacion, Paraguay where people make their own clothes and design costumes for the annual Corso Festival.

Is there anyone who has been particularly inspirational to your work?

I get inspired by the new trends and definitely by the Corso Festival and that is you can see it in the things I make.

Of all of the projects that you have posted, which one is your favorite?

I don't think I have a favorite, I really enjoyed every project that I've done because all of them have different sources of inspiration and it helps me to grow up as a designer.

A lot of how-to videos online are hard to understand, but yours are very clear to follow. What is the trick to making a good how-to video?

As I told you before I always made my own clothes and I always tried to simplify the steps to make them. That's why my tutorials are easy and simple to understand.

Do you have any big plans for future projects?

Yes I have. One of them is that I am about to present my very first jeans collections and I'm really exited about it :) However there are other projects as well on the way.

If I may ask, are you able to make a full-time career out of making your videos and if not, do you hope to?

Well I am a full time mom and I take care of the business. And yes the videos are my full-time career that I started a few years ago with the help of my friends and my family.

Do you have any marketing tips for other would-be entrepreneurs about to get started sharing projects online?

I would recommend to take advantage of the social media because right now they are the future of marketing. As you can see there are many successful companies that are using the social media as their main marketing. Also I think that people should be aware of new ways of marketing strategy and it is very important to be always friendly. :)

I noticed that you have posted a few cooking instructions on your personal site. Do you have plans to make more of those?

Actually I love to cook and I would love to do more of those and yes in the future I will do more cooking videos with yummy recipes that everyone will be able to do it and they will love it. :)

When you first started, did you anticipate teaching an entire generation of teenage boys how to sew?

I was not expecting that at all. I just always loved to sew and to share with everyone my projects but really loved that it was helpful for boys to start sewing and making their own clothes.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Well I just want to keep on growing as a designer and take care of my family. ;)

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