Febreze Bomb





Introduction: Febreze Bomb

Okay, so my roommate and I have had a long running feud with the guys in the dorm down the hall from us. It started out as a simple ding-dong ditch prank, but has since escalated to saran wrapped door entrances and christmas present wrapping EVERYTHING in a room.

Now its time to go to a new level of prank warfare.

All it is, is a Febreze Air Effects can, a zip tie, some masking tape and a pair of cheap scissors.

With great power, comes great responsibility. Use this prank as a last effort prank.

Step 1: Materials

(1)-Febreze Air Effects
(1)-Zip Tie
(1)-Cheap Scissors/wire cutters
Some masking tape

Step 2: Set-Up Phase

First, your going to tape the scissors to the Febreze can(this is so the person you are pranking can stop it. This is necessary for a friendly prank war.

Then take the zip tie and LOOSELY putting it around the trigger of the Febreze can.

Step 3: Throw It in & Run

Just open the door, tighten the zip tie and throw it in shutting the door after, then just listen to the sounds that insue.

Enjoy and use with caution.



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    you could probably make that lethal by adding a timer and a lighter

    I really wanna see what happened when you threw it in your neighbor's room

    lol what if its not friendly what if im trying to get rid of the stink coming from my uncles room lol

    ziptie the wire cutters

    Never mind I figured out wjy

    Why the wire cutters tho

    Do your friends smoke? Boom!

    You'd need an ax bomb for that...

    fabreeze isnt flammable. ive tried.