Febreze Grenade


Introduction: Febreze Grenade

Today we are making a grenade that will help you win office wars, create distractions, keep someone out of a room, or just annoy someone on april fools. I saw this on some website, so the idea is not mine.

Step 1: Get a Ziptye (or Rubber Band)

Get a ziptie or rubberband

Step 2: Get a Febreze Can of Air Freshener (worst Smelling One)

Get a Febreeze can of air freshener

Step 3: Put It All Together

Put the ziptie around the neck of the febreze bottle, so that it goes on the handle. Pull it light enough that it won't slip off, but the febreeze can doesnt start spraying

Step 4: Let It Rip!!!

When you are ready, pull the zip tie as tight as you can, so the febreze can starts spraying. Then toss and run! the Fevreze can/grenade will not stop spraying until someone

A) Cuts the ziptie with a strong pair of scissors

B) The febreeze can runs out of gas, at which the room you realeased it into will be allmost unbreathable, depending on its size

More Fun-

Do the same thing, but with a can of silly string!



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    jm has a very valid point - chemicals n stuff not good, so I was thinking - how about a sonic grenade with super glue over the main body - ha!! that sucker would be running around trying to find a screwdriver to get the batteries out like a person possessed.

    want a real nasty one?? - do it with spray glue (the kind used to stick down carpet) - was fitting carpet into my VW bug, tossed a pretty small screwdriver into the back of the car (I was dining other work too), it hit the glue and made the smallest hole but the ###***###**##ing stuff went everywhere before I could jump on it and chuck it out, plus I got covered too.

    2 replies

    Expanding foam insulation would be brutal.

    yes - chucked under the covers of a heavy sleeper - - I forget, does that stuff get hot as it goes off, no one wants nasty burns.

    I guess your not an asthma patient for then it isn't fun at all.

    Silly string would be very funny! Did you research if Febreze is toxic in large quantities?