Every February I used to feel sad as my Dad's and my own birthdays are back to back this month. I never got to know my dad growing up, hence the sadness. One year I decided to do something joyful for my dad, and for me. I created a memory heart as a gift for him. Now I hang them up every February. People love them. Traffic drives slower on my street. People toot their horns. I have had notes left by my front door expressing gratitude for the hearts. Complete strangers recognize us out in public as the people with the hearts. It has been really fun.

The first heart I made back in 2010 had a chicken wire frame. It was 5 foot tall and just magnificent. This year I discovered these wire frames that are much easier to work with. I still have and hang the chicken wire heart though, That one is special 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

24 inch heart wreath form (purchased from the Maine Wreath Company)
Led outdoor fairy lights about 9.5 meters long
10 foot long piece of 1/2 inch electrical conduit (we had them bend it for us at the hardware store see step 2)
2  -  #210 screw eyes
10 inches #14 black chain 
2  -  1/8 inch x 1 inch S-hooks
Dark green outdoor spray paint for metal with satin or flat finish
black permanent marker pen
black plastic garbage bag
electrical tape
4  -  #10 x 1 inch sheet metal screws
2  -  1/2 inch  2 hole strap
2 inch Deck Mate all purpose screw 
50 foot outdoor extension cord or other length as needed
black Gorilla Tape
tools needed: drill, steel punch, needle nose pliers, pliers, screw driver, hammer
Really nice idea. You may want to change how you protect the control boxes. It's probably better to make the pouch so that it just acts like an umbrella (open on the bottom) but any water will just run down the sides. The only reason I say that is that no matter how hard you try to seal it, you are probably going to end up with condensation inside them if they can't breathe. Just a thought! Great idea though.
Great idea for an improvement. Maybe an upside down yogurt container. I could seal the top hole with caulk and paint it in a dark color so it would not be obtrusive. Thank you!
I think you could still use the trash bag that you're using now, just use it as a poncho instead of being completely sealed. I think the bags you're using will blend in better than a container. Good luck with it.
The local newspaper ended up writing a story on the hearts and even included a color photo.
love it
beautiful idea
That is really sweet! They look great :)
Thank you! The local newspaper just did an article on them including a color photo!

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Bio: I live on a small hobby farm in rural Linn County Oregon. I raise Welsh Harlequin ducks.
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