Step 5: Seat

Use the leftovers to make a seat by cutting them into half-inch or so strips and weaving them together. Fit the loose weaving to the top of the A-frame and trim to fit, keeping some strips long. Fold the long ones inside the upright tubes with some glue. Finish the edges with mitered strips laid flat and glued on top of the weave, making a nice hexagon.
Maybe you should have sent this instructable a shipwreck =D
Brilliant idea!
you are everywhere i go!
lol linux
do you have a problem with Linux?
Wow!! I just moved out... and am definately a cheapskate student... so i cant wait to make my own set of chairs for our housewarming!! cheers for the chairs! :D
Wow, thats really really awesome!!!
i got confused, I thought it would be instructions on how to Fed-Ex your stool... sorry!
Great to bring to the post office! :)

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