EASY Chicken Feed Bag Tote /Purse. Big sellers at Farmer's markets! Upcycle to awesome for Spring and!!

Picture of EASY Chicken Feed Bag Tote /Purse. Big sellers at Farmer's markets! Upcycle to awesome for Spring and!!
This simple feed-bag tote re-purposes almost all of the feed bags we use around a farm with 200+ animals, and with Spring Chick Season around the corner, many of you are about to have a lot more bags lying around.
With selling these bags on our website (,) etsy, ebay and Farmer's Markets- we pay for our feed completely! What better way to save money for spring projects than to make money from what you already have lying around.

You will need:
* a feed bag
* Sewing Machine (thread)
*ruler (if you wanna be picky)

Free (if you use the feed, and potential profit if sold at farmer's markets)
9-19$ if you purchase the feed just for the bag, but most people will happily give theirs away!

I made this entire bag INCLUDING time to take pictures for this instructable in 50 minutes. Without stopping to take pictures (or measure exactly) I can finish one in about 40 minutes. This is literally the first sewing project I have ever started to try to reuse some of our bags and I have made about 10 of these so far. It is very simple :)

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Step 1: Acquire 40-50lb Feed Bag.

Picture of Acquire 40-50lb Feed Bag.
We use 40/50 lb bags for this project. Chicken, cow, goat, rabbit and bird food bags have been used by us. Generally speaking, avoid dog or cat food bags as they contain meat products and the oils from the meat put a gross film all over the bag. You CAN use the dog/cat food bags if you'd like, but I would wash them with dawn dish soap after cutting top and bottom off then hang to dry before starting project :)

Step 2: Cut The Bag

Picture of Cut The Bag
Cut approximately 6" off the top of the bag in as straight of a line as possible (as these will be your handles.) On Nutrena bags, we usually cut along the top of the word "Wise."
Set aside.
Cut the bottom of the bag off. We generally cut only 1-2" off, but keep in mind you can cut off as much as you'd like but it will affect bag dimensions.
seamster1 year ago

You had my attention with "Meatbird."

But those gussets are genius. That's just too easy. Thanks for posting this!

I love this! We have two large hungry dogs and I wanted a way to reuse their dog food bags. My thinking way too fussy (only use the picture of the dog, etc.). It s much smarter to use the whole bag. Thanks.

OliversMom7 months ago

I LOVE it! Thanks so much for the pics with the tutorial. The gussets are amazing, thanks again for the tips. Making today...I have two sunflower seed bags.

These are the first two that I have made. I still have to practice with the handles. I am super happy with them. Thanks again

Aximili1 year ago
I love it, just gonna have to get some chickens.

Thank you so very much!!!! I have thrown away dozens, but now have about 10 in my barn. I knew there had to be a use for these.....I am going to make some. Awesome. Thanks again.

nemalim1 year ago

cool project, and what a nice material you used!

I've made the bag I'm using as my lunch bag from a dog food sac -

arete011 year ago

thank you for sharing.

This bag is so funny!

chopping block farm (author)  arete011 year ago

Thanks for looking! I was my first instructable :)

I could go for some 22% crumbles right about now. mmmmm.

I could go for some spring time so I can stop buying so much! :) -4 right now :(

chopping block farm (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for the comments guys. These are my first sewing projects. I sell them to offset feed cost but use them for a lot of things. Ya figure with the cheap paper seam they hold 40lbs of food flopping around. Add double (or in the case of the bottom) triple seams and sturdy handles and they are unstoppable! I'm more worried about them ripping then falling apart!
Just opened this account and can't wait to post more farm related instructables!