Picture of Feed Bag Tote Bag
We get our chicken feed in bags made of woven plastic. If they were paper I'd put them down under the mulch in the flower beds, but was stumped what to do with these. Then I realized that the bags we use for groceries were made from the same type fabric (DIMPA from IKEA). So I whipped out the sewing machine and came up with this version. I'm not that good at sewing, rather sloppy actually, but I managed to make one that I wouldn't be embarrassed to carry!

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Step 1: Clean out a bag.

Picture of Clean out a bag.
Lay your bag out flat on the table.  Cut the string from the bottom strip and then even up the bottom of the bag.
Stitch along the bottom of the bag 1/4" from the bottom. 
Turn bag inside-out and sew along the bottom 1/2" from the bottom.  This gives you a French seam which encloses the cut edge and helps make it more durable.
Stand the bag open end down on the table and take the two corners and make "dog ears".  I measured 2 1/2"  from the corner and sewed across the corner.

Step 2: Sewing the top.

Picture of Sewing the top.
Turn bag right-side out.
Cut two 3 1/2" strips from around the top of the bag.  These will be the handles. 
Zig-zag the cut edge of the top.  Fold down 2" all around and sew.
Cut the handle strips 20" long and hand press 1/4" to the inside on both long sides.  Fold in half and sew down the long side.

Attach the handles to the bag as shown. 

And now you have successfully recycled a feed sack into something useful!

Step 3: Yay!

Picture of Yay!
The finished bag.
LeFleche2 years ago
Please Help! I am trying like crazy to make these bags and can't make it work! I have a new Brother sewing machine that doesn't do it. I used regular thread and needle and the thread just broke. So then I've tried a heavy duty needle and quilting thread, it balls up on the bottom. I borrowed an old White Rotary Machine, it balls up/knots up on the bottom also! Also using a heavy duty needle and heavy thread. Tried normal thread in the old machine and thread just broke. It seems like everyone else can do this and I'm totally frustrated! I have people that want to buy these from me but I can't get it to work right.