Step 2: Sewing the top.

Picture of Sewing the top.
Turn bag right-side out.
Cut two 3 1/2" strips from around the top of the bag.  These will be the handles. 
Zig-zag the cut edge of the top.  Fold down 2" all around and sew.
Cut the handle strips 20" long and hand press 1/4" to the inside on both long sides.  Fold in half and sew down the long side.

Attach the handles to the bag as shown. 

And now you have successfully recycled a feed sack into something useful!
LeFleche2 years ago
Please Help! I am trying like crazy to make these bags and can't make it work! I have a new Brother sewing machine that doesn't do it. I used regular thread and needle and the thread just broke. So then I've tried a heavy duty needle and quilting thread, it balls up on the bottom. I borrowed an old White Rotary Machine, it balls up/knots up on the bottom also! Also using a heavy duty needle and heavy thread. Tried normal thread in the old machine and thread just broke. It seems like everyone else can do this and I'm totally frustrated! I have people that want to buy these from me but I can't get it to work right.