1. 6-7-cups corn meal (2.5-3#)
  2. Jar of peanut butter (18 oz.)
  3. Shortening (to fill the 18 oz. PB jar)
  4. 2 cups black oil sunflower seeds
Buy the cheap, off-brand ingredients for this.

Tools and materials:
  1. Heavy duty mixer
  2. Microwave
  3. Jelly roll pan
  4. Bowl scraper
  5. Large serving spoon
  6. Wax paper
  7. Pizza cutter
  8. Freezer space for jelly roll pan or a cold porch
  9. Zip-lock plastic bag
  10. Measuring cups

Step 1: Prepping

Put a sheet of wax paper in the bottom of the jelly roll pan.  Fold the edges so they extend up the sides, if possible.

Do this before starting the mixing process because the mixture will be warm and will stiffen up as it cools.  You will need to work quickly when mixing and spreading the cake mixture.
What a great 'ible! I'd been looking for an inexpensive way to feed the chickadees for a while now. Thanks!
Check out this Instructable on how to make a feeder for the mixture if you warm it. <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-very-simple-bird-feeder/ <br> <br>Save out some of a batch and warm it a little in the microwave. Press the warm, soft mixture into the holes of the feeder.
What made me think was the basic idea of putting those uneaten cookies from Xmas outside for the birds... <br>Why not! :)

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