Feel Like Annoying Someone





Introduction: Feel Like Annoying Someone

This is an idea i came up with at school and wanted to annoy my friends.

Step 1: Materials

First you will need:
1. A Bic pen
2. A nife or other sharp object
3. A 6mm airsoft BB

Step 2: Construction

Fist take out the ink cartrige or whatever you want to call it

Second take the knife and cut some slits in the end of the pen, where when u look at the pic its the end on the right

Third insert BB on the widerside of the pen, the blow through the other end and the slits will hold the BB in place for a little so pressure will biuld up so it will go far



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    this is awesome i sat in the canteen at school and fired 4 at a time at some cocky kids, you should have seen their faces it was like a cluster bomb... :v

    Dude try not to get caught by the teachers

    Dude i made this then my frackin head exploded!!! Then i watched Scanners....

    OMG IT's YOU AGAIN! You have my face!

    What if I had this face before you did?

    Then I had my face after your face, but there is the possibility you went back in time and switched your face, so you would still be stealing my face.