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Introduction: Feel Like Annoying Someone Full Auto

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Feel Like Annoying Someone with a full auto feed
my friend once knocked a lense out of my glasses with this
while I was still wearing them (This is a mod to thiswith straws)

Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need a(n);
scotch tape,
two small straws,
hobby knife or scissors.

Step 2: Make Ammo Cartridge

cut the bendy part off the straws
then cut one at a 45 degree angle.

Step 3: Make Barrel

flatten the part of the barrel where you wish to put the ammo cartridge and cut a half oval into the side.

Step 4: Final Assembly

trim straws to the desired length and tape together.
when firing you might need to move the straw around a bit to get the bb's moving



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    people have tried this.only one person(my friend tj)has ever swallowed a bb due to this and he saw it in the toilet three days later.YOU CAN'T CHOKE ON BB'S .THEY ARE TOO SMALL.

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    i swallowed bb's mmmmmmmmmmm

    i ate a airsoft while blwing into a blowgun.

    I swallowed like 4 plastic airsoft bbs... you burp after a few minutes. Too bad I did it before a speech for my class. It wasn't an A+ speech.

    "Hello, I am James *BBUUUUURRRRPPPP* escuse me. I did a report on St. petersburg and i found out *BBBBUUURRRRRRRRPPPPPPP* sorry..."

    lol haha i cant believe that you did that (or maybe not) hahahahhaha thats so funny

    yes you can choke on bb's even if they are small

    really,cause I swallowed a penny once

    I swallowed a marble once. And i was 6, so my throat and stuff were smaller.

    you can swallow alot of things that can still get stuck in you wind pipe.

    It all depends really. Storing extra BB's on the side of your mouth may be a good idea for some, and a bad idea for others. If you want extra ammo storage, try taping another straw to the loader. For added fun, why not just make it double loading? Like attach two straws at different places, say a centimeter apart? Cool project though.

    I could cut a slit in the second clip and put a piece of paper in it then pull it out when the primary's drained.

    correct especiasialy in quantities because it would be hard(er) to get them back up

    Did he look THAT close for three days? yuk!

    thanks,by the way you can put extra bb's in your cheeks during a battle for extra ammo and blow em out when yer cartridge is drained

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