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I always imagined myself as an old man and how would i protect myself. So I thought, why not a bengal with a blade?
This Instructable is the step by step how I did it.

Step 1: Materials / Tools

So, the materials i used here,i have all at my home and the wood, I used construction wood.

-Blade iron: 70cm
-Wood pieces:
  - 80cm x 2cm x 4cm
  - 10cm x 2cm x 4cm
  - 15cm x 5cm x 4cm
- Wood glue.
- Varnish.
- Nail

- Set-square
- Chisel
- Hacksaw
- Pencil and rubber
- Sandpaper
- Drill-(1" and 1/3 ")
- Planer-manual
- Soldering iron
- Hammer (Rubber and Iron)
- Brush
- Metric trena
- Screwdriver
- Whetstone
- Staples-wood
- Goggles
- Morça
- Circular saw
- Drilling machine
- Emery
- Hacksaw

<p>cool cane. I want now.</p>
That's awesome, gonna have to make my own
Awesome cane. Very skillfully done, good work!
A really cool instructable, but I'd be careful. Sword canes are illegal in certain US states (like California), so check out state laws before walking around with one.
Thanks for the tip, but i not live in the U.S. and here this weapons are not banned. ^^
It's a blade, and it's more than 10cm long... so yes, it's banned here in Brazil.
Thanks, I was unaware of this law, I will take care. :)
Descobri que era brasileiro assim que vi o DUREPOXI&Acirc;&reg;, foi tipo, WTF Durepoxi?! s&Atilde;&sup3; brasileiros usam durepoxi XD! <br> <br>Alias eu j&Atilde;&iexcl; fiz uma espada com o mesmo material, se n&Atilde;&pound;o me engano era uma suspen&Atilde;&sect;&Atilde;&pound;o de fusca. <br> <br>Parabens por ter seu Ible' na primeira pagina!
XD Eu imaginei que algu&Atilde;&copy;m reconheceria o Durepoxi. N&Atilde;&pound;o conhecia nenhum brasileiro aqui! Obg pelo coment&Atilde;&iexcl;rio :)
Very nice. A personalized cane is definitely on my list of things to do.
I'm glad you enjoyed it! XD
How bout a blow gun/breathing tube out of the scabbard part? Yeah.. I went there.
THHANKS for the how good one
thank you :)
Would be a lot dangerous gentleman euheuheuheuheue. Thank you :)
Nicely done !
Thank you :)
amazing work, i seee you have much the same array of tools i use in my wood work. i love this piece, the only thing i would have done is forged the blade, using pattern welded steel as the japanese of the period did. love the piece though <br>
I was looking for a forged blade, but could not find, so I used a blade of steel. Thanks for visiting :)
This is beautiful! Your pictures are amazing! Awesome instructable! <br>Hope your day shines! <br>Sunshiine
thank you ^^
Awesome design and wonderful work!
Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

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