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My cat Buster is elderly, that is to say she is 17 years old and sleeps most of the time. However, as soon as I pick up my knitting needles, she perks up and comes and sits beside me and watches the needles clicking away. She never attempts to interfere with the yarn or needles, but seems fascinated by the whole process. I think that my knitting gives her an interest in life, as when I'm knitting it's the only time she seems any way animated (in a quiet way). I hope that I have her with me for a few years yet, and if my knitting is keeping her going, it's good for both of us.



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    That's soooo cate I hope she has a long life with you

    What a beautiful tribute to your baby. My Boo almost made 19.

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    Sadly my poor old Buster became very sick and had to be put to sleep very recently. It's sad, but she had a good long life.

    Love the cat. Any chance you'd post the instructions for the afghan?

    Mum, I love your couch! Beth :~)

    in the second to last one, "with her favorite knit" it doesn't seem like she likes that one. she looks like she's about to turn around nd claw it's face out. that is a really interesting story, though.

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    I think you are right!

    What a cute kitty! Do you think it's the noise or the motion that attracts her attention? Perhaps it's a kitten memory of chasing yarn?

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    Funny thing is, she never ever chased yarn as a kitten! I think it's definitely the movement and clicking of the bamboo needles that attracts her.

    maybe she thinks that since you're playing with clicking moving stuff, she'd better go be a part of it. what a sweet-looking kitty.

    How sweet. Motion and thread! Kitty's favorites!