Picture of Felt Agnolotti Pasta
This is the first felt food I've made. I picked something pretty easy to do for my first time - Agnolotti (filled crescent-shaped) pasta like Haba's Ravioli Tin Biofino!
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Step 1: Supplies:

yellow felt
yellow thread
something round to trace (I used a Magic Sizing can)
pinking shears
erasable fabric pen

Step 2: Trace it!

Picture of Trace it!
I used the bottom of a Magic Sizing can. It made a perfect 2 1/2" circle.

Step 3: Pink it!

Picture of Pink it!
You can cut the circle out using pinking shears or cut it out using regular scissors then pink it!

Step 4: Stuff it!

Picture of Stuff it!
Use just a tad of poly-fil stuffing - you should have a little bit of space all around the stuffing.

Step 5: Pin it!

Picture of Pin it!
Fold it in half, make sure to line up the pinking points and pin - use a LOT of pins!

Step 6: Sew it!

Picture of Sew it!
Stitch 1/4" around the top edge of the "pasta". Go slowly and make sure to back stitch!

Step 7: Cook it!

Picture of Cook it!
This project took about 20 minutes.

You could squirt it with water to get the blue markings off, but I didn't do that since I figured it'd just wear off.

One piece of craft felt produced ten Agnolotti.

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