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Introduction: Felt Balls From Scrap Yarn

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I have been knitting predominantly with wool and alpaca yarns lately. It occurred to me that I do not have to throw away all those little scraps of yarn because they will felt. So, I started collecting a pile of loose yarn scraps to make into little felt balls. They can become beads, cat toys, buttons, or whatever you like.

Step 1: Collect Supplies

wool & alpaca yarn scraps
dish soap
hot water
cold water

Step 2: Make the Balls

Wad-up the scraps of yarn, reserving a few longer strands. Wet the wad down in very warm water, squeezing out some of the water. Use the reserved longer strands of yarn to help firm up and gently bind the ball together.

Pour a little liquid dish soap on your palms and gently begin to rub and roll the ball around in your palms. Keep rinsing the ball under hot and cold water and adding soap as needed.

As the ball begins to shrink and get firmer, use a little more pressure as you roll it around in your palms.

Step 3: Finish the Project

When the ball seems solid, rinse it in cold water to remove any excess soap. Rinse again in a vinegar and water solution. Squeeze out any excess moisture and set aside to dry.

Use them as you like.

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    ever thought about winding the strands around a coffee straw/stirrer to keep a hole in the middle?

    3 replies

    You could do that, but it would be very difficult to keep the balls round that way.

    I wonder about a wood (can't spell the next word, so I will print the sounds sk-ew er

    Generally, you need 100% wool to do this. Go ahead and give it a try though. You may also be able to use little bits of your scraps mixed in with 100% wool.

    This is so neat. I do a lot of crochet with a 20%wool, 80% acrylic blend...fan i felt the scraps? Or does it not work with belnds?

    What kind of needle do you use to stab a hole through the felted balls to make jewelry out of them. I've been needle felting for a long time but when I go to make jewelry out of my balls I can't ever get anything to go through them. Can you give me a tip?

    2 replies

    A long thick very pointy needle works good. I believe they are called yarn darner needles. It works best if you just string them while piercing them rather than making a hole to string later.
    Best wishes,

    oops, lol the knitting needle sound better than my idea

    Thats so cool I would have never come up with that! Now I can clean up my yarn scraps from all my knitting into another craft I love; beading! By the way my cat would love one of those!

    2 replies

    you could wrap you yarn around a couple catnip leaves and the felt that. bet your cat would go nuts.

    I did keep a few in a baggie with loose catnip to "infuse" them with catnip scent. The kitties liked it.

    It helps rinse out soap and adjusts the pH of the wool.

    Thank you for posting this!!! I think this is the one and only non-knitting/crocheting project in the yarn section. I  love yarn crafts without  it! you just made my day :D

    So are you taking the scraps and then just mashing them into a ball and felting?

    1 reply

    Sort of. I like wrapping the pieces around a mushed base to help form the ball. Wrapping also helps you somewhat control how the colors are distributed.

    Are they durable? Or, um, i don't know how to word this...Do they stay composed after several times you wear them?