Picture of Felt Beemo Case!
So here I was again with another case-less handheld device, my Nintendo 3DS. Thinking about the possibilities for a felt case to make for it when lo and behold, little Beemo popped into my head. Beemo or BMO is a character from Adventure Time, which even if you have never seen or heard of it, you can still appreciate how adorable it looks! It was designed with traits from game systems and I thought if would be fitting to make for my handheld game system. So here ya go~an Instructable on how to make yourself a Beemo felt case to keep any handheld device you make it for safe and warm!
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Step 1: Suppies!

Picture of Suppies!
Beemo 013 (500x381).jpg
You need:
Lots of Felt! - 2 Green Sheets
                        1 Light Green Sheet
                        1 Yellow Sheet
                        1 Red Sheet
                        1 Bright Blue Sheet
                        1 Black Sheet
                        1 White Sheet (Optional)

Lots of Thread - Light Green
                              White (Optional)

Sewing Needle
Sewing Machine (Optional)
Measuring Tape
Your Handheld Device

Step 2: Measuring!

Picture of Measuring!
Beemo 019 (500x375).jpg
Beemo 022 (500x353).jpg
Take the measuring tape and measure the dimensions of the handheld device you wish to make this for.
I made this for my 3DS so my dimensions were about 5 inches x 3 inches and 1 inch in thickness.

Step 3: Cutting the Base Rectangles!

Picture of Cutting the Base Rectangles!
Beemo 029 (500x383).jpg
Take one of your dark green sheets of felt and measure out the length you recorded. (The biggest number!)

Take into account the thickness of your device. I find that anything under an inch in thickness, you only need to add an inch to each measurement. Anything an inch or over you need to add 1.5 inches or more to each measurement.

So! For my length, I got 5 inches. My device thickness was 1 inch. So I adjust my length measurement by 1.5 inches to make 6.5 inches!

Cut all the way across the sheet.


twilightfox8 months ago

You have a prple 3DS!! :D

opalz72 years ago
yay i love beemo so math!
ecsaul232 years ago
Sooo cute!!! i want 1 i'll get HMice to make them lol he's the creative 1 =)
I hope to see more ibles that come from your amazing hands
Stephanefalies (author)  Kitana Kellaway2 years ago
Thank you! There will definitely be more ibles to come! :D
It's so cute! Great job. :D
Stephanefalies (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank you!
HMice2 years ago
Slamacow! Awesome job!
Stephanefalies (author)  HMice2 years ago
Beemo Chop!