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My wife thought it was a bad idea but...to protect the new sofa we needed some coasters that didn't look like a bargain from a charity shop.
I found a cool designer felt coaster by zigzign a Danish company and thought I could make one.
No offence but I think mine came out a little better.

Although this took some time the end result was worth it (just watch your fingers on the felting needles - be warned, they are very sharp!)

Step 1: The Equipment

Picture of The Equipment
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You can get squares of coloured felt very reasonably from the net, mine were £4.50 with P+P and had enough material to do 2 nicely sized coasters. Choose your colours and get felting needles (size 40 gauge).
grannyjones2 months ago

This is beautiful!

tandykins1 year ago
Superglue works via an exothermic reaction. That's the heat you felt. It's just way easier to feel through fabric than other materials typically bonded with superglue.

I made some felt coasters myself recently - nothing like these - I really love your use of felting needles! I'm going to have to try it.