Felt Coin Purse (really Durable)




Introduction: Felt Coin Purse (really Durable)

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I'm the person in my class that always has to gather money for trips and gifts and so on. I used a small coin purse but it started to fall apart. I saw on Pinterest a lether coin purse in shape of a cylinder that could be used as a piggy bank. I don't use real lether ever so I used thick acrylic felt.

Needed items:

Acrylic felt preferably 5mm thick

Thread rather thick


PVA glue (the white craft glue)

Step 1: Cutting Out Basic Shapes

First you have to decide about the size of it. Start with drawing a circle and then mesuring or calculating the circle/perimeter (outline lenght Don't know the translation) and add about 4-5 cm This lenght will be the lenght of your rectangle then decide about how wide it will be and cut those shapes out of felt. 2 circles and rectangle later also a small rectangle for the closing.

Step 2: Sewing Up

Sew up like you see on the photo. Around the circles you might leave some unsewn part for easier use later. Then I rounded the corners of the flop and then I sew up near the edge to make it more durable. Then about 1cm lower than the flop ends I sewn 2 small rectangles and cut in them. also on the flop I heavily sew this blue closing that will go through the cut outs.

Step 3: Stiffen the Structure With Glue

Dilute PVA glue with a little bit of water. Brush the mixture into felt. Wait for it dry, then you can add another layer depending of the condition of felt. for example you can add another layer on the edges and folds also on the stitches. You can use glue on the inside but i didn't do it to keep it softer. after applying glue felt won't rip easily, get dirty, catch hair and dust. It might also darken the used felt colors and protect them

Step 4: Done!

After the glue is dry you cna use your coin purse and in my case it holds very well nothing is going loose or untied.

Good luck!



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