Introduction: How to Make a Felt Flower Headband

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Projects done in less done five minutes. Perfect for giveaways for kids party.

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Step 1: Materials

- Glue gun

- 6 pieces 2" circles felt cloth (flower)

- 2 pieces 2x1 1/2 felt cloth (leaves)

- headband

Step 2: Cut Materials

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1. Cut 6 pieces of two inch blue felt. One piece would be the base and the remaining five circles for the petals.

Step 3: Make Petals

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2. Fold the first circle into half, then half again - it should be 1/4 of the circle. Attach the petal to base using glue gun.

3. Repeat the process to all remaining circles.

Step 4: Add Leaves

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4. Cut leaves using green felt - trim sides if necessary, like what I did in the video.

Step 5: Make a Headband

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5. Attach flower onto the headband.

6. DONE!


wold630 (author)2016-01-29

It's so cute! Thanks for sharing your project. Great first instructable!

novembercraft (author)wold6302016-02-15

Thank you, glad you like the project.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-01-29

Super cute! I love felt flowers; they're pretty and soft :)

thanks, I like felt for crafting - so much possibilities :)

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