This Instructable is to show you how to make an adorable ice cream plush from felt (complete with ice cream scoops, syrup topping, whipped cream and a cherry, strawberries, and cookie sticks).

Please note, this type of plush should not be given to small children as the parts could come off if pulled on and become a choking hazard.

Step 1: Supplies

What you will need:
-Assorted colors of felt
-Embroidery Floss for detail stitching
-Basic sewing thread
-Polyester FIberfill
-Paper for making patterns
-Inspiration Images
OMG!!! Thanks so much!! This is so cute!!
This is amazing! The whipped cream is incredible! Splendiferous job!
So cute! I want to try to make this, but its been years since I've sewed anything. Maybe I can do this
Awsome! im so going to do this! :D<br>(btw this is my first ever comment. ;] )
This is so cute!
this is sooo yummy adorable!!!! great job!
Beautifully done, I love how you made the whip cream!

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