Picture of Felt Leaf Garland
We've got a great park just across the (dead end) street from our house. It has so many different kinds of trees, and the leaves are just starting to turn colors.

I wanted to make a garland to bring some of those shapes and colors inside. Preserved leaves are nice, but not enough of them have changed color yet here, and I wanted something a little softer.

I think I'm going to make more because it was fun to do. I think Benjamin's preschool class might like one for their window... :)

You will need:

felt in assorted colors (I used Eco-fi, which is made from recycled bottles)
string or cord for the garland
beads (optional)
acrylic paint
leaves from various trees
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Step 1: Gather and Trace Leaves

Picture of Gather and Trace Leaves
Gathering leaves probably deserves its own step, but I didn't take pictures of walking through the park, looking at trees, and choosing leaves.

It's good to get a variety of leaf sizes for each type, in case you get home and realize some are either too small or too big to look okay with the rest of the design. I tried to get leaves that weren't all dried out yet. It's easier to trace them if you can flatten them without breaking them.

Tracing leaves with a pen or marker would take too long. I used a powder instead. I put some flour on a plate, dabbed it with a roll of felt, then dabbed the flour onto the leaf and felt. It worked really well, and the flour wasn't a problem removing after I'd cut out all the leaves.
PaganRaven6 months ago

I really love the colors you used - and it's made me want to take a walk and gather those leaves! (even though we are still in the midst of 90-100 temps here >.< ) I need some Autumn NOW!

Great idea with using flour to outline the leaves - I might try using an old blush brush to dust it on.

Good 'ible!

mezcraft3 years ago
This is really pretty, I like how you used the flour to get your design on the felt. Smart...
scurtiss3 years ago
Just completed this project.. It looks pretty good, but since I had the help of children its not a neat as the author made. It did help to have felt in autumn colors and I should have used darker paints. A little time consuming for preschooler or Kindergartners to attempt but a great project for older children. Also, would be neat to incorporated Christmas items and then use as homemade garland for a tree. The flour tip was very helpful.
I found this inspiring this morning...not only the recycled felt content (I will be searching for Eco-Fi ) but the use of the flour as a way to make quick fast patterns is brilliant and also very eco friendly. Thanks for a really neat project! It turned out beautiful! I could see making one for every season...with house plant leaves, and spring spouts too! Maybe even with fresh produce from the farmers beet or carrot leaves, and basil, and on it goes.
susanrm3 years ago
Pretty! I like it!
Servelan3 years ago
Not just garlands - napkin rings, placemats, idea!
Very pretty!!! I wonder what adding tiny amber coloured lights in the string might look like? (not that i've even ever seen amber coloured lights lol)
Your garland could be used as a table runner or trim on a table cloth. etc. Such a cool idea you have!
ChrysN3 years ago
Pretty! That's a smart way to outline the shape of the leaves.
Kiteman3 years ago
That's cool - for a classroom, some kids could make their own leaves.
What a neat and easy to clean up way to outline the leaves! The finished product looks great and it looks like so much fun to make and paint!