Introduction: Felt Lined Memory Tin

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My sister gave me a great tin of Scottish fudge for Christmas.

Thank you very much Rebecca. She knows I like little tins.

She said to keep my memories in the tin. A memory tin.

And that’s what I’ve done.

I keep my USB memory sticks and SD flash cards in this wonderful little tin.

It took about an hour to finish the fudge. Yum Yum Yum.

I decided to felt line the tin as a practice project for another job that I also want to felt line.

Step 1: Cut Felt to Size

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A ruler and a good craft knife does the job.

Thank you Mr Stanley. I highly recommend this knife.

Step 2: Handy Thing to Have

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Fiskars make this really cool tool to round the corners off paper.

It makes things look neater.

Works well on the felt too.

Step 3: Trim the Edges

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I'll let you work out how to do this.

I used pre glued felt.

It was fiddly to work with once the backing was removed.

Step 4: Bonus Instructable

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I keep my USB memory sticks together on a key ring.

I've added my address. I hope someone will return it if lost.

Step 5: Job Done

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Beckyjane (author)2017-07-30

hey that's so cute I have a box I could do that with. What a clever ide

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