Felt Pinwheel Barrette





Introduction: Felt Pinwheel Barrette

These Barrettes are easy to make and look really cute. Make several in different color combinations! Any little girl would love to receive one (or two!) to match her favorite outfit. I made these for my Granddaughter, Layla.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need:

metal barrettes, Felt, needle, thread, buttons, scissors and measuring tape.

Step 2: Cut Felt Squares

For each barrette, cut 2 squares of felt, (3") out of contrasting colors. Felt is very inexpensive and does not unravel, so it is perfect for this project.

Step 3: Make Cuts at the Corners

Place one square on top of the other. Cut felt at all 4 corners almost to the center of square.

Step 4: Sew Corners

Bring one of the points to the center of square and stitch. Continue with alternating points. Tack to center.

Step 5: Button

Sew a pretty button to the center of pinwheel, covering the previous stitches.

Step 6: Cut Circles

For each barrette, cut a 2" circle out of felt.

Step 7: Barrette

Stitch circle onto the back of barrette then sew barrette onto the circle.

Step 8: Finished Barrettes

It's fun and easy to make these cute accessories!



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    Ooh my gosh! I love the leopard print one!

    Those look so pretty and easy to make!!