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Introduction: Felt Hats

Sarah and a couple other friends and I had a hatmaking party a couple weeks ago.  We bought hat blanks (that's a big, shallow cone made of wool felt) and formed them over head forms.  It was my first felt hat, and it came out pretty darn well for a first try, I have to say!  I love the feathers I found for it.  If I can get pix of the other hats I'll add those in too.

I'll make another in a bit, now that I have a sense of what I am doing, and I'll Instructablize it for sure.

(The color really didn't come out well, the hat is a fairly deep pumpkin color, not beige at all.  I really should use my good camera and not my iPhone.)



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    Don't you love it when someone doesn't give enough information and won't answer questions.

    can you post more on this?

    i wanna know too! i lost my favorite hat, and cant find it anywhere in stores, so i want to make a new one.

    Beautiful work on the inner hat band. Was it hard to sew in once you'd sized it? we should set up photo lab to take pics of them all.

    There you are rachel! Nice hat, I love it! I've promised a friend a hat similar to that of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.