Introduction: Felt IPhone Envelope

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I think this is a pretty simple project and a lot of fun. No sewing machine required. You just need to know a basic blanket stitch.

Step 1: Cut Panels

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I cut two panels of felt at 9 x 3.5 each. I chose camel and gray. Camel is a hot color this fall!

Step 2: Create Your Flowers

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For the flowers, I freehand in marker and cut inside the marked area with a scissor. You could also just flip over your felt so there are no ink marks.

This is where you can have fun. Flowers can have as little as 3 petals to several, so you can't really make a mistake.


Step 3:

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I split a 6 strand piece of embrodery thread into 3 strands. I like to use several colors to mix it up a bit. 

Step 4:

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I pin the flowers to the felt and use a blanket stitch to sew to panel. Be aware of how your "envelope" is going to fold, so your flowers are positioned where you like them. I like to layer a few flowers on top of each other. I also set them a bit askew.

I used a Chenille Needle, size 18-22. This needle has a large eye...after all these years of crafting, I can't see anymore!! Well, just not as clearly, so the larger the needle, the better for my eyes.

Step 5: Make Your Pocket

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To make my pocket, I cut a slit with an exacto blade into one panel around 4.5 inches from the bottom (I guess that would be right in the middle of the panel) and about 1/4" from edge. This is where your phone will slip into, so make sure it's wide enough. Blanket stitch around the slit. Sometimes, I use all 6 strands of the thread for this part.

Step 6: Pin and Sew

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Now pin both of your panels together, with flowers facing the outside, and sew completely around with a blanket stitch.

Place your phone in the pocket and fold.

You could add some sort of enclosure - a button, velcro, snap, but I find, when it comes to a phone, I want to be able to get to it as soon as it rings and an enclosure just gets in the way.

Have fun...hope it FELT good!


Muhaiminah Faiz (author)2013-04-25

Very nice and easy to make :)

thanks. You should give it a try

itisanniebelle (author)2012-11-26

Is this wool felt?

Ya know, I'm not sure. I just went to Joannes Fabric store and picked up some felt, not sure if it's wool or acrylic...I think it is wool

zach13811 (author)2012-02-26

Wow, great instructable! Im defenitly going to make a less feminine version for myself later.

Facci Designs (author)zach138112012-02-27

thanks Zach, I'd love to see it when it's done!

sheraphoenix (author)2011-11-08

Thanks for the instuctable! I will probably add some velcro to keep in closed. This was fun!

Wow, that looks great! Glad you liked it!

javajunkie1976 (author)2011-06-10

I think even someone who's totally incompetant around a needle could do something like this!!

BarginsTech (author)2010-09-23

Verrryy pretttyy :D

just a question though, for step 5: youre only sewing the one side of the slit? and does the corners have to be done too? would the slit rip over time?

Thank you :D great Instructable!

Hi, well when you're doing a blanket stitch, you're actually sewing both sides at the same time. Yes, sew the corners, you're actually sewing around the slit like an elongated "O". It might be a good idea to sew it twice though.

Hope this answered your question

Ahhhh yes! it answered my question :] Thank you!

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