Learn how to make a felt rose and attach it to a headband (or pin, ring, etc. whatever you want)!
What you need;
1. felt
2. elastic headband
3. scissors
4. nylon thread
5. needle
6. magnatac or glue
7. spray starch
8. hair dryer

Step 1: Step 1

Cut out at least 10 petal shaped pieces of felt in varying sizes (small to large). You can cut out more or less depending on how big you want your rose. Start with a small petal piece and turn it in a spiral. Once you have it where you like it, sew through the middle and wrap a few strands around the end then sew through the middle again (to make sure it stays in a spiral).
im shurly doing this <br>thanx 4 tha share
WellDone!! I like it too
I LOVE IT!!!!!!! absolutely awesome,i'll try it! great creation and great tutorial :)
i really like this tutorial...thanks!!

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