This here is a how-to on felting in general and a simple fast project of making earrings- which can be fashionably worn about the ears or given as a gift to someone else so that they may do so as well.

Step 1: Materials

What chill need heer'e:

- Some Wool (or silk if your a fancy chap) Roving of a desired color*

- Feting Needle(s)*

- Regular Needle and Thread

- Earring Contraptions

*These particular items are not usually sold at chain craft stores so you might have to hunt around a bit. If you are in the bay area, the store FLAX in San Francisco has some felting supplies and there are 2 art stores in Sebastapool which have them as well.

On a different note, I also suggest a bottle of water and some hardcore techno (or MSI- just be sure it's fast) to assist you on your felting journey because the process of felting will involve some mega-hax0r crazy-fast poking skillz.

Beware of poking thy self- Felting needles ARE BARBED!

Step 2: Creating the Felt Balls

So, as you can see in that first picture, your going to need to make some balls.

So! Whatchya do is:

First: Rip off two equal chunks of that wool and sort of ball them up.

Second: Turn on your music.

Third: Take out a felting needle and start poking those buddies.

Now- the way felting works is, like I said those needles are barbed so they actually catch on the wool and sort of dread or knot it together. (and if they catch on your finger it will hurt more then expected and might even tear your skin off!!!) Don't poke too far through your ball, just stick the tip in long enough so it pokes out the other side only a little bit.

The trick to making a sphere is to not poke too much in the same place. The more you poke in a certain spot on your ball the more condensed and smaller it will become- in other words, you'll have a fatty dent in your beautiful little masterpiece. It's good to either scatter your pokes over the surface of the ball so it begins shrinking evenly, or do it systematicly piece by piece where you shrink it up in one place, then move over a little and do it in the next place, ect. until the whole ball is shrunken.

It will be hard to get it to come together at first- you may feel like your poking is futile and your ball will never harden, but have patience. At the same time if your ball gets too hard, you could maybe break your needle in it. You want it to be about as squishy as a mini marshmellow that went somewhat stale... And try to avoid having excess outer fuzz.

*please not that I will not take liability for any finger injuries do to preforming this activity(or any other sorts of injuries. You FELT AT YOUR OWN RISK!*

Step 3: Turning Your Balls Into Something Sensational!

Good! you made it to the earring part.

Congradulations- you learned how to felt!

Turn off the techno- now you need some soft piano background music, because this part really doesn't require stamina or skill- we just go back into normal How-to mode.

So, get some nice looking thread, a color that perferably compliments your felted balls.

Cut it at about then length from your fingers to your elbow, and tie a knot at the end.

Thread it through your needle and shove that buddy right through the middle of one of your balls! (ouch!)

Then! bust out your earring contraption and tie the string to the hole on it, leaving about 1-2 inches between it and the ball. Make a strong knot to survive and earring tugging that might be happening in the future.

Reapeat on the other ball....

put 'em through ur ears....

And WHALAHH! you got chyer self some earrings- and you know how to felt. Now you can figure out on your own how to go n make a matching necklace!

Happy felting.
PET PEEVE TIME Your --> Belonging to you, as in "This is your instructable" You're --> You are, as in "or silk if you're a fancy chap"
your wrong. :) <br/>my b<em>e</em>d, I's wrong. <br/><br/>I think a computer chip would be more &quot;fashionable&quot;. =) (but then, maybe it's just because I haven't seen anyone with felt earrings. :/<br/>
Felt jewellery is definitely in. See my comment below. <br />
Actually, felt earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are very fashionable right now! I see them at boutique stores, in magazines, and all over the internet. I just bought a book on making different styles since I just started needle felting. This is a great instructable with clear directions. Thanks! BTW, I get most of my needle felting supplies (and silk too) at www.joggles.com but recently Hobby Lobby has begun carrying some roving and needle tools!
I like the fun way you explained making the earrings. I can overlook the blurry pics and work with the instructions. Felt ball is in, I have used it for earrings and necklaces including bracelets. The beauty of it is that you can mix them with glass and wood beads.<br /><br />Thanks for sharing and keep felting.<br />
Cool, but your pictures are quite blurry.
yes- i know. my camera takes bad close-ups of small things. my apologies

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