Picture of Felted Pet Hair Beads
After seeing felted beads in a craft store, I really wanted to make them, but I wasn't sure where to find wool roving. It was Spring at the time I was looking for the wool, and if you have a pet, you'd know that they shed a lot this time of year. So as I was constantly picking up clumps of cat hair from my carpet, I thought, why not try felting cat hair instead.

In this instructable I will show you how I made a felted bead bracelet from cat hair.

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Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
  • Pet hair
  • Dish soap and pet shampoo
  • Plastic containers
  • Paper towels

Optional: if you want to dye the beads

  • Kool-Aid
  • Microwave safe containers
  • Spoon and sieve

Step 2: Collect hair

Picture of Collect hair
Pet grooming
If your pet tolerates being groomed by you , you can collect the hair from the brush or slicker. If you trim your pet's hair you can use the trimmings as well.

Collect shedding hair

Since my cat doesn't like when I brush his coat, all of the hair that I've collected from him is from shedding. I find little tufts of hair on the carpet (particularly in the Spring), which has provided me with enough cat hair to make a bracelet. Search around the spots where your pet sleeps or you can even use a lint brush an brush your furniture and clothing. (When collecting shed hair make sure it is free of debris, lint, and human hair (I shed a lot too).

The time it takes to collect enough hair varies with the size and breed of your pet. It took me several months to collect enough cat hair to make a bracelet , when I brought it in to work to show my colleagues one of them went home and collected as much hair in just one evening from her Golden Retriever.

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lreale made it!1 year ago

Thanks for the GREAT idea!

ChrysN (author)  lreale1 year ago

That looks awesome, thanks for posting!

kaiakuma9 months ago
Hreat ifea for a pet memoir. Yiu can make a braceket out of their hait to keep with you always. I wish i would have gotten more hair from my dog before he was cremated i would have loved to do something like this
ChrysN (author)  kaiakuma9 months ago

Yes, it makes a great memento.

amarcus21 year ago
As a cat rescuer with a home full of shedding felines as well as our beloved GSD, can you imagine what we could make? Whoa Nelly!

This is so creative!

ChrysN (author)  Ruth in Craftsville1 year ago


pixelzen5 years ago
OMG that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Love it!
efrs pixelzen1 year ago
Wonderful! Thanks for telling us what do with all the cat hair ! Last months I started colleting the hair of my 2 cats and now I will try this idea!
Thanks again!
tomdowntown5 years ago
they make brushes now that you can attach to the wall or  corner that you're cat will want to rub up against to get the hair off, I was even thinking of using a cheep toilet brush attached near his scrathing post.
I had instructable on putting catnip in soap container brush....remember to buy high quality...i was reminded here... Two cats did get severe cat acne, i dont know if it was from the dollar store scrub brushes. )
ChrysN (author)  tomdowntown5 years ago
That sounds like a great idea!
emarusa2 years ago
can u do it with horse hair
ChrysN (author)  emarusa2 years ago
I've only used cat and dog hair and of course wool. You can try it and see for yourself, though I've seen it braided into a bracelet(
Skye21712 years ago
Carollew3 years ago
I am now looking at my shedding dogs and cats in a whole new positive light. I spun my dog's shaved fur last year and made a scarf. Never thought about the fact that when it gets wet, it smells like a wet dog. These beads look easy to make. I posted it on my blog
ChrysN (author)  Carollew3 years ago
Thanks, for posting this on your blog! I love your portraits.
I am just wondering how colourfast the Kool-Aid is? Say you are in the rain and it gets wet, will they bleed all over you?
ChrysN (author)  RiverBlackwood3 years ago
No, the colour won't run when it gets wet, you can soak it in water and it won't bleed.
olulpana5 years ago
To those who know anyone with a hairless cat it would be precious and hilarious to make it its very own cat fur coat from one of your kitties to theirs. Just an idea! Felt on!
In wanting to learn how to spin yarn from my cats fur - I made a spinner...
The yarn came out looking like dreadlocks, and I now know what it feels like to have a hairball...!
Cat fur is warm, though!
ChrysN (author)  olulpana5 years ago
That would be funny, I'm sure those hairless cats get cold and could use a warm coat.
Ah man, my husband was so grossed out when I took a huge ball of hair from my MIL's bichon frise puppy after she was trimmed and felted a good size white ball pet for our cat KT. They loved playing together and it was his favorite toy until it got lost. Never thought of making beads out of hair though! Cool idea and good instruct-able. I just used liquid hand soap and felted it by hand in the bathroom with hot water from the sink and kept stabbing it with a needle. ^_^
sunshiine3 years ago
Your cat is beautiful! Pets are so much fun. Thanks for sharing.
ChrysN (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
Thank you!
Mauigerbil4 years ago
I will try this with gerbil fur. My gerbils shed a lot for some reason
Thanks for sharing all those options. I was wondering when you put the hole in the middle of the bead. After dying but before they are dry?
ChrysN (author)  NaturalCrafter4 years ago
I usually add the hole after it has dried.
Wonderful idea :) I have a cat that doesn't shed much, but I'm up to my ears in rex rabbit fur. I'd much prefer his fluff to be in necklace form rather than floating around and making its way up my nose.
ChrysN (author)  mooseinakilt4 years ago
That would make a really soft necklace.
Have to say, I am a huge fan of this project! I made a ton of these beads out of bith of my cats fur tonight. One orange cat and one calico. the calico beads came out a mix of dark gray and white. Afterwards I took some curved sissors (from my embrodery box) and trimmed off all the random excess fur. They look much more polished this way I found. I am really happy how well this turned out. Thanks!
ChrysN (author)  creative_cait4 years ago
Good idea to trim them, they do look a bit ragged with bits of fur sticking out. Thanks!
olulpana5 years ago
I'm sorry last comment for the night. This is just too funny, a much needed stress relief idea after some really bad migraines. I am now hunting my cats down and mauling them for their shedding fur, like a Benny Hill show. They don't know what has hit them but then they are not complaining in the lest with all the pampering they think I am giving them. Made quite a few already. Thanks for great idea and good stress busting laugh.
olulpana5 years ago
To have my very own fuzzy cat balls. Awesome! Sorry, but I am just cracking up. Love the idea!! Loved the download of of the PDF showing the other way to wash the fur!. I guess you just have to be a cat lover to understand the laughter in this. I am making my friend her very own fuzzy doggie ball bracelet. Then she can cherish her pups forever! Good job!
lala19895 years ago
what a great idea!i just go home and playing with my dog for those bueatiful hair balls~
Such a GREAT tutorial and a fantastic idea!  Thank you so very much!  I linked to you through my blog.  ...alicia  
scoochmaroo5 years ago
This is the best. I LOVE how you've incorporated so many techniques in this one project. I wonder if I can dye my cat's dark grey hair. I've made several toys for her out of it. Now I can make gifts for everyone!
i tried doing this technique with some raw alpaca wool that i got on ebay super cheap, and it worked really well, thealpaca is also dark grey/brown and i was able to dye it after bleaching it first. :P 
ChrysN (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
You cat is really sweet, I'm sure the beads you make from her hair would be quite pretty.
kiffakitty5 years ago
Yes! i'm glad im not the only crazy person who felts her pet's fur and dyes it with koolaid! omg when i saw this i laughed so much! i never tried to make a bracelet out of it though- the problem i usually encounter is that they start to get really frizzy or out of shape after a while- do you have any fabric protector/stiffener that you would recommend to make them last longer?
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