Picture of Felted Purse/phone Case
Its really easy :)
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
•an old knitted jumper (or anything thats knitted)
•needle and thread
•a slice of sponge
•felting needle
•felting wool

Step 2: Sew It

Picture of Sew It
2014 21:06.jpg
2014 21:06.jpg
Cut a rectangle out of the old jumper. Then fold up the bottom like in the picture and sew it in place, the turn it the other way out so the stitches are inside. Also hem the other edges.

Step 3: Felt It

Picture of Felt It
2014 21:06.jpg
2014 21:06.jpg
Put the slice of sponge directly under the side you are going to felt the design on, this is important otherwise you might accidentally felt it shut.

Use wisps of felt to build up your design and stab then in with the felting needle each time until they are like part of the fabric.

Step 4: Done

Picture of Done
2014 21:06.jpg
Now its finished

You can sew on a button if you want or a zip.
jwood491 year ago
if the black dots were eyes it would look cool lol
jenise2000 (author)  jwood491 year ago
Ok well the black dots are eyes...

Looks like a very comfy home for a phone....