&%$#∞!!!, Instructabrarians! So a while back in Vancouver I picked up this neat Glueless, craft art form called Needle Felting. I had seen a few makers at the San Mateo Maker Faire display, specifically Wooly Buddies, and always thought their creative plushes looked intriguing but required some complex skill. In reality, Needle Felting is literally one of the simplest and most fun crafting methods. I've made a few things since then but this is my first instructable on the topic. I wanted to create something awesome for the holidays but after going on a gaming spree of procrastination, I decided to make Q*Bert instead,

Step 1: Q*Bert Bio

For the majority of you who don't know this guy, Q*Bert is a 1980's Arcade game by pinball company Gottlieb. It is a platform game that features two-dimensional (2D) graphics. The object is to change the color of every cube in a pyramid by making the on-screen character jump on top of the cube while avoiding obstacles and enemies. Players control this weird orange ball guy with a funny nose, who is the eponymous Q*Bert, while he hops around and avoids enemies like a coiled snake (Coily) and two purple demons (Ugg and Wrong Way). While the game may not be as recognized today, it's legacy continues. Recently, Q*Bert & Co. were featured in the Disney film "Wreck-It Ralph". The game is available online here: http://www.freeqbert.org/
I have never felted before and I want to. This instructable is Rey nicely organized and easy to understand! Thank you
cool :)
Haha, I love it :) You need to do an Instructable on how to tweeze the felt sheets so you can needle felt with them. Also, don't forget to enter the Holiday Gifts Contest :)
Ah, that guy's adorable!
Lol i watched Reck-it ralph yesterday (i went early) and this little guy is in it
Wreck It Raph was great for that. Q*Bert may be old but it's a classic!
This bring me memories of going to the Arcade on weekends and summers to play! I now realized how many quarters I spent on games! Nice 'ible!
I LOVE IT!! Awesome!
Thanks MC! Needle Felting is my new favorite hobby.

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