Old sweaters and summer may seem like polar opposites, but this Coozie Instructable brings the two together to combat global warming and hot summer night thirst at the same time. The felted medium is perfect for embroidered customization and embellishment.

Step 1: List of Items

Picture of List of Items
This coozie is created with a felted sweater. This means if you have one of those wool sweaters that "somebody" threw in the hot wash, and it shrunk, you are ready to go. If not, you will have to felt/full your own sweater.

Fabric Cutter, Straight edge, Cutting Mat (or Scissors)
Old Wool Sweater with arms (at least 80% wool, 100% wool works best)
Beverage container (for measurement) Either a can or a bottle.
Permanent marker
Embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Tailor's chalk (optional)
Thimble (optional)

If your sweater is not already felted, you will also need the following:
Washing Machine
Liquid dish soap
Old color-fast towels (towels that will not bleed color, but at the same time will not pick up other colors)
this is a great stubby holder idea! i made my own, and it works great! thanks!
chad74724 years ago
another reason why I love instructables.
rosewood5134 years ago
I love it, the wool will soak up any excess liquid.
Great project thanks for sharing.
lemonie8 years ago
Doesn't the felt become soggy through condensation? Assuming that the air is relatively humid that is. L
One of the beauties of sheep's and other wool is its amazing absorbsion capacity.  It kept millions alive before efficient heating methods became commonplace. It's still keeping people alive during winters in isolated and/or wartorn areas like Afghanistan.

In addition, condensation occurs when moisture in (warm) air comes in contact with a cold surface. The moisture "condenses" into liquid.  The cozy insulates and coats the container surface, so the moisture doesn't touch it. Thus, no condensation.
juleej (author)  lemonie8 years ago
If the humid air isn't touching the side of the can or bottle, no condensation will form there. The felt will act as an insulator between the cold beverage and the humid air.

Some condensation may form at the top of the bottle/can. Luckily, wool felt also has a good natural absorbent quality. If it is good enough for diaper covers (http://www.danishwool.com/content/intro/woolen_diaper_covers.html), it should be good enough for your beer. From that site, "wool can absorb up to 40% of its own weight in wetness without feeling wet"
Hm, this could easy be used as a very simple Evaporative Cooler by dipping it in water and letting the water evaporate on a dry day, thus cooling the can.
I'd like to try a tea cozy using your principle.  Well done.  Thanks
jc8177 years ago
"Taylor's Chalk (optional)" lololol who's taylor?
lemonie8 years ago
I see, thanks L
lebowski8 years ago
Very nice! That's way more fun than your typical drink holder.
it's called a STUBBY HOLDER! nah, you're alright, good work! i like the message...
HamO8 years ago
Very nice instructable, great pix. Well done, thanks for sharing.
jeffreyf8 years ago

This would be perfect for the Etsy contest too!
juleej (author)  jeffreyf8 years ago
Thanks! I'll have to enter that contest soon!