I saw some cool knit shoelaces online and thought it was a cool idea. However, most of them were all curly and twisty. I wanted some that were straighter and smoother, so I opted to felt some instead.

Step 1: Chain Stitch

Crochet a chain long enough for your shoes. I used this site to determine an appropriate length, though you could also measure the laces that you're replacing.

If you don't know how to chain stitch, I have an instructable for that. It's super easy and quick once you get the hang of it.

Step 2: Felting Part 1

Fill your sink with a few inches of the hottest water that will come from your tap. I recommend using gloves to protect your hands from the heat.

Wet the chain and apply some dish soap.

Step 3: Agitate

Roll the chain around in your hands with plenty of soap and water. Occasionally re-wet the lace and apply more soap as needed. Continue to do this until you can't see the stitches in the laces.

Step 4: Rinse

Rinse and squeeze until there is no more soap in the lace.

Step 5: Roll

Roll the lace a bit at a time like you're rolling out a clay snake. This will make stray fibers cling to the lace and make it more smooth and uniform.

Step 6: Clip

You'll see the thickness taper off at the ends to where there was only one strand of yarn. Cut off the excess at the end of the laces about a half inch from where the stitches start. Leaving a half inch of single strand will allow you to easily thread the laces into your shoes eyelets.

Step 7: Stroll

Lace up and take your new refashioned shoes out for a stroll!

<p>I just posted your photo and this write-up on my blog - thanks for the brilliant solution to the need for funky shoelaces! - </p><p>http://simpleshoemaking.com/wp/felted-shoelaces-by-brooklyntonia/</p><p>I've seen a lot of felt shoelaces, <br>they're always made from wool roving that is wet with soapy water, then <br>rolled like you're making a snake out of play-dough until they get long <br>and skinny. They're usually lumpy and irregular, at least when I've <br>tried to make them. So the brilliance of chain-stitching, then felting <br>wool yarn - with the same soapy water - No lumps! And so many color <br>possibilities - they could even be multi-colored..make some for your <br>shoes in need of a creative touch!</p>
<p>Great! Thanks!</p>
I've never heard of this before. I'm glad I ran across it. Very good 'ible. Good way to transform simple yarn into usable cord.
<p>I love the black boot with golden shoestrings! Looks great!</p>
Cool got my vote
<p>Very cool!</p><p>Some clear heat shrink tubing would be perfect to finish off those lace ends. I've repaired many fraying shoelaces with it - works great!</p>
<p>That's a fantastic idea! They really didn't need a finished end because the felting makes it easy to lace them up, but it would definitely work and add a bit of detail if you used a colored piece. </p>
<p>Sort of like dreadlocks for your boots.</p>

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