Felted Soaps





Introduction: Felted Soaps

This is a great way to preserve your soaps. also it’s a built in wash cloth! Great handcrafted gifts too! Also great for the whole family to do!

Step 1: Supplies

Get supplies together. What you will need is a boot mat. Can get at Walmart for $4. Nylon sock. Dish soap. Merino or corriedale roving. Bar of soap. 2 bowls, one for hot water and other or cold water.

Step 2: Wrap the Soap

Wrap the bar both horizontal and vertical

Step 3: Wrapping the Soap in a Sock

I found the best way to wet felt soaps is to prep it before adding it to the sock. This helps prevent the wool from moving and corners not covered. I put some dish soap on my hand, grab the bar of soap get it wet in hot water. I squish the wet wool around the bar. Make sure the soap is not exposed. Then add to the nylon sock.

Step 4: Felting

Scrub the soap on the boot mat for 5- 10 mins. Alternating from hot and cold water. You will know when you soap is done when it sticks to the sock, and you can pull with out it coming off.

Step 5: Finished Bar

When you take the soap out, press it in a dry towel. Let sit over night. Also you can join my Facebook group for felting soaps, Fiber Artist Felted Soaps



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Doesn't this shrink the inside soap a bit? Is there a minimum size soap to do this?

With using dish soap it doesn’t shrink. The bar of soap is hard enough to handle the felting. Over time it will shrink, the felt will a lil. Then you have a neat lil pouch to do other things with

makes a good little scrubber afterwards!

I do 4-6 oz soaps. And for kids about 2-3 oz. so that it fits in their lil hands better.

That looks pretty, I haven't seen this done with soap before :)

Give it a try! It make the soap last longer and slightly exfoliating

It's a great way to make your soap last longer. You can also needle felt the soaps too