Step 8: Finishing Touches

Congratulations on completing your boutonniere! Whoever has the pleasure of wearing it is surely a lucky guy/gal! To add a final touch, embellish with colored ribbon of your choice. Use a boutonniere pin to secure to your special someone's lapel.

Love the look? Feeling ambitious? Go balls to the wall with felted balls as centerpieces or as a bouquet! Vary the quantity and sizes of your balls for a modern or vintage romantic look; the possibilities are endless!
This instructable inspired ALL of the floral decor for my wedding. I used them to accent the floral arrangements my friends, family and I put together in borrowed vases, and even in my bouquet. Thank you so much for this idea!
Thank you, hmlangille! Mrs. Awajiman will be so excited to hear you liked it :)<br>Your arrangement looks beautiful! Congratulations on your marriage!<br>
If you are looking for a great selection of wool and needlefelting supplies check out New England Felting Supply. www.feltingsupply.com I have purchased from them and they are always helpful and knowledgeable. Have fun!
Thanks for the tip! We'll have to check them out.
I re-read and re-watched your instructable and laughed when I read this: &quot;...The stabbing motion and crunching sound of the needle in the foam pad were a great form of stress relief...&quot;<br><br>I ought to try that for my stress relief! Repetitive motions do help me with stress. For example..knitting is a form of stress relief!<br><br>THanks for a great idea!
I was going to ask... did you ever stab your finger by accident? That would be painful
Yes, I did. It hurts a lot!
Nice ible! Very clever!
Thanks! All the cleverness comes from my better half ;)
what a clever idea... I have not seen this prior to your wedding.
very entertaining instructable. organized, professional and easy instructions. Love the idea of a different approach for making boutonniere instead of the cookie cutter traditional ones.<br><br>great, creative idea and nothing was left out ! A novice can follow instructions and be successful!!!! I love real flowers but the BALL idea is fabulous.

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