Step 10: Embellishments

Picture of Embellishments
1 october 032.jpg
1 october 031.jpg
1 october 034.jpg
1 october 045.jpg
1 october 053.jpg
1 october 047.jpg
Adding the embellishments:
  1. Cut off the remaining tie piece to the length you want.
  2. Turn under the raw edge.
  3. Gather it and tie it off as shown.
  4. Sew the small rounded velcro piece to the back of it.
  5. Glue the Velcro dot to the button.
  6. Glue the Velcro dot to the silk flower.
  7. Cut out a felt flower.
  8. Sew a Velcro dot to the back of it.
  9. I thought the buttons added to the ties were cute.
  10. Mark where you will want to place your embellishments on the hat and sew a Velcro dot over the mark.  


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