Felted Wool slippers (crochet or knit, then sew)

Picture of Felted Wool slippers (crochet or knit, then sew)
I saw these on line on as a DIY project at These are the crochet version of slippers that were in a craft magazine There is also a you tube video that really demonstrates how to "assemble" the slippers. It can be tricky the first time. I hate to try to re-invent the wheel so I urge you to watch the video.

These only took me 2 days from start to finish. The next 3 pairs will be FASTER now that I know what I'm doing!
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Step 1: Step 1 Supplies

Picture of Step 1 Supplies
There are very little needed in way of supplies. You first need to decide how many skeins of yarn you will need. Since these will be felted, they will look HUGE when first assembled, but will shrink down to size when washed, and dried.

I wear a Woman's US size 8.5, so I decided to go with the suggested size block for a size 9, which was 20 single crochet stitches across, and 20 rows for each block. I probably could have made it a little smaller, and it still would have been OK.

NOTE: I had VERY little left over from each shein of yarn (the supply picture shows how much was left), and in fact, had I done this in the pattern shown on the video, I would not have had enough of one color. IF you wear a larger shoe than this you WILL need more than 2 skeins

2 skeins of 100% wool yarn  (I used Patons Classic Wool 100g/3.5 oz)
Crochet Hook (I used a G) US
Yarn Needle


Sewing Machine
cknight1475 months ago

Slippers look wonderful and I know they will feel the same when I am done making and wearing them. Thanks for sharing.!

TracyBunny1 year ago
These slippers look great! Here's a hint that I use to thread my tapestry and darning needles: thread them with a loop of dental floss first, since it's almost unbreakable, then thread your yarn through the floss loop. Pull the floss back through the eye and the yarn will be threaded, too.
pippi462 years ago
Hi very nice job, compliments.
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MaryT8M (author) 2 years ago
YES, that would be the problem. They need to be 100% wool (or other animal hair) to work with the number of stitcher per row, and the number of rows I gave in the directions. Also you would want to use a 100% wool that has NOT been treated to NOT shrink.....those would say "superwash, or wool-eze" or something like that on the label.

A yarn that is up to 50-60% wool, and then some other fibers, SHOULD work, but you may need to wash it more times and for much longer each resetting the machine instead of letting it finish the cycle.

Did they shrink at all? I had to wash mine 3 times total, since they don't get as much aggitation with a front load washing machine, like mine. Did you put something heavy in the wash with them, and wash them on really hot water? Did you dry them in the dryer on HOT?

When they are properly "felted" or shrunk, they have a much different texture than pre wash. You really can't even make out the seperate stitches, since the fibers all kind of meld together.

I'm so sorry you're having this sure takes the fun out of it doesn't it? Write back and let me know. Other wise I'd say try to unravel your stitches and use the yarn for something else :-(
So I have a problem, I completed the knitting and sew ing parts but when I put it in the washer, it did not shrink. Perhaps I made them too big or maybe I used the wrong yarn. I am not sure it was 100% wool. Would that make a difference?
MaryT8M (author) 3 years ago
Thanks These were REALLY easy to make...............I haven't crocheted ANYTHING for many years. I love using wool, and "felting" changes the look and feel totally
These look great. Awesome job. :)